5 Best Ways to Improve Quality of Facebook Lead Ads


5 Best Ways to Improve Quality of Facebook Lead Ads

As it took a lot of time to rank your site organically and sustain your position for a long time on the search engine so in this respect everybody is trying for the upper edge factor to succeed in the flourishing market of Facebook ads.

I am doing research on the Facebook advertisement for a quite long time and found, what really matters for the client is leads not views, likes, and engagements.

So to stay ahead of the competitors and enhance your ROI, always be specific and focused on placing Lead ads.

So below I am mentioning five best ways to improve the quality of Facebook Lead Ads.

#01 Keep your cost specific and transparent:-

Facebook Ads

One of the major obstacles digital marketer faces is that they don’t create a specific and transparent ad campaign for their audience which results in negative ROI. If your ad campaign which conveys the clear message to the audience that for whom this ad is then there will be a high chance of generating leads for your business. For example here in the above ad, instead of saying “With home automation starting from 50 lacs” you can say “With homes automation between 50 lacs to 1.5 Crores”. This specific statement will eliminate people whose budget is below 50 lacs.

#02 Activate Custom Audience Funnels:-

While creating custom audience funnels, always invest in by doing research of your previous ads. Eg. Select those audiences who have already watched 75% of your campaign ad videos earlier. This strategy will result in a higher rate of conversion as you are targeting your potential audience.

Custom Audience:-


facebook ads

facebook ads

Custom targeting is all about when we are targeting the audience who have reacted or engaged in a similar post.

These are the audience who has already proved that they are our important leads and their chances of conversion in the future are maximum. 

Lookalike Audience:-


facebook ads

Lookalike Audience is the people who are similar to the audience who have shown interest in your brand. Eg:

Lookalike Audience is that audience who has already shown their interest in your category product or services. Now while running the ad campaign then add the audience who have purchased from you something before and then choose the lookalike option of them. This method will result in a higher conversion rate.

#03 Opt for Higher Intent Forms:-

facebook ads

In more volume form, people submit the form directly while in case of higher intent form they need to confirm their interest. Also in a higher intent form, once a person fills all the details then the people asked to review its details once again and confirm that all the details filled are absolutely correct. This method full proof the procedure that the person is really interested and providing the right details.   

#04 Ask Open-Ended Questions:-

facebook ads

Facebook Lead Generation forms are quite simple to fill and submit as most of the data is to be fetched from Facebook and people don’t need to type everything. So ask people open-ended two to three question to confirm that either your ad campaign is relevant to them or not? This method will help you to provide a relevant audience. Unnecessary people will be swipe out in one go. The question could be anything related to your product or services to filter the audience.

 #05 Invest in Traditional Advertisements:-

After a lot of research, it is found that when people see your product advertisement on a billboard, newspaper or at any other traditional advertisements channel and after that they watch the same advertisement on a digital channel like Facebook then the probability of conversion becomes higher. Digital channel is asking them to take the action so this way chances of conversion increases.

What else can be done as per you to make the difference in creating Facebook leads?

Feel free to share with me.

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