7 Best Ways to Build High-Quality Backlinks in 2019


7 Best Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2019

If you are a website owner or a blogger than it is very important to create backlink for your site on a regular basis as it will help you to grow your site organically on a search engine and eventually your domain authority will also increase. People keep on searching to find the best way of building backlinks.

If you have just started blogging then your target should be to build 40 to 50 do-follow backlinks in the first two years so that you can organically rank your site on desired keywords.

Building high-quality backlink for your site or blog is not an overnight activity. It took time and demand specific techniques.

In this blog, I will share with you to create seven high-quality backlink building procedure.

1. Publish Data Backed Posts

Gone are the days when only publishing the good content people could attract a lot of audience to their website or blog and can generate a lot of backlinks, as at a present lot of quality data is available on the web. People are more aware now regarding content marketing.

So now in this scenario, the question is what works best?

The answer is to publish data backed post on your website. If you are having infographics article or blog then there is a high chance of some good publication to publish your blog and as a reference, they will mention your site as your blog is data-driven, that will ultimately help you to rank your site organically and get high-quality backlinks.

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2. Giveaway Review Copies

If you are selling any product on your website or providing any services to the clients then, in this case, you can give free products to them to test and on this behalf, you can ask them to write the review of the product or services on their site.

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Another best way could be to spread the same message in your community that will ultimately result in getting a lot of backlinks.

In any case, if your clients or community member does not give you the backlink, even then your visibility as a brand will increase that will be directly beneficial for you.    

3. Interview People and Get Interviewed

People love to get featured on other websites or channels as this way they feel appreciated for their work in the public domain.

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If you are interviewing any digital marketer or blogger and publishing it on your blog then there is a high probability they will also publish that interview on their website or blog and link back to your website or blog as a reference and that will result in generating backlink for you.

This way no. of visitors will increase on your site and it will grow organically.

You can also get backlink by being interviewed from other digital marketers or channels but to reach this stage you have to build your name as a brand.

Building your name as a brand is not an overnight task. It required a lot of hard and smart work to do so.

Once your name becomes the brand then it will be quite easy for you to get featured on others platform and build a lot of high-quality backlinks.   

After being a brand you can announce in your community through social media platform that anyone can interview you and you will answer their question and explain your journey on their platform.

It will result out that a lot of digital marketers and bloggers will approach you and featured your interview on their website and linked back to you.

4. Contribute to Authority Publications

Once you establish yourself as a brand in the industry then you can start submitting your articles or blog for the reputed brand in your field.

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In this respect, the brand gives you the link in author bio category that helps to grow your site organically.

You can do article submission and guest posting for big brands in your industry or for Entrepreneur.com and YourStory.

It’s not necessary that every publication will give you do-follow backlink but still, it will help you to grow organically.

A company like Forbes and some else never give backlink but they mention your brand name that is good enough for your SEO.

Google also consider your brand name on the big brand portal that ultimately benefits you in every aspect.

Article submission and guest posting for big brands also increase your author rating so be careful in this aspect are well.

In my advise, stick to a topic so that Google will consider you as an expert in that field and for search engine, it will be quiet easy to rank.

5. Create a Free Tool

One of the best ways to create the bulk of quality backlinks is to create a free tool for your visitors or customer in your field. Like Neil Patel did by creating a free tool named UberSuggest which is an alternate for SEO premium tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

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This strategy gives you the upper end than your competitors to generate a large number of backlinks as not everybody is capable enough to develop a tool or can afford to provide the free tool as it requires a lot of expense.

By developing a free tool for users will help you to grow on a search engine means you will start ranking organically higher.

The important thing to understand that you can create a free tool for any industry to which you are targeting. It can help you in lead generation if given the option of fetching a few personal details from customers.

The best part is it helps you to generate high-quality backlink in a very short span of time.

6. Write Article on Current Affairs

People publish an article on current affairs or trending topics at the right time end up getting a lot of backlinks. For example founder of Wordstream, Larry Kim when published a report on Google ads vs Facebook ads, before coming to Facebook in the public domain. This decision helps him to rank high his blog for a long time organically and add on to this he got plenty of backlinks for his domain.

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Major, reason why current affairs topics do extremely well because related content available on the web is very low and also the competition is also very less.

Secondary, writing quality and engaging content on current affair topics is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skills which out beat the majority of people.

7. Build a Brand

Building your name a brand is a game changer factor in earning the backlinks as this way your domain authority increases. Once you become famous in your industry then you will start attracting backlinks rather than building backlinks.

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Always focus on what the readers want, start publishing them and do its proper content marketing.

It all depends on how you create quality content and further you do its proper marketing. Over time you will earn backlinks automatically.

Building a brand name is like growing a mango tree, once you have done this lengthy process then you start eating’s delicious mangos in terms of backlinks.


SEO is the key factor of Digital Marketing and to leverage the benefit of SEO you should continue building backlinks. Quality content and backlinks are two major aspects of search engine optimization for any type of website.

You hold the power to rank keywords that maximum people pay to Google for if you can build a web property with good domain authority.

You will definitely crack the SEO game once you understand the concept of how the long tail keywords work and by which method you can get the edge on your competitors by providing the good quality content to people.

Building backlinks are as hard as building a brand and this process takes time. Backlinks are a prime factor in ranking our site on most of the search engines.

Once you will be able to build a web property having a lot of backlinks your entire efforts turn out in creating an asset and finally the end result will be priceless.

Thanks for reading this blog post. I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to comment if you have any query?

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